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Health & Safety Updates

With the 2022 season upon us, the Atlantic Indoor Association (AIA) wants to convey to our membership the COVID protocols to be in place for each event.  Understand that first and foremost, the event host’s protocols will take precedence over AIA’s, and, no matter what the visiting unit’s school COVID protocols are, they must abide by the event host’s protocols, AIA’s protocols, or a stricter guideline.

AIA’s current COVID protocols:

  • Masks required at all times for performers, staff, and spectators
  • Bell Covers Required at all times
  • Anyone who does not feel well is asked not to attend the event.
  • Critique is limited to 2 representatives per unit
  • The Event Host’s COVID protocols may override AIA protocols and will be posted under “COVID Guidelines” on each individual Event Partner page when the schedule is posted.

With the continuous changes in the COVID variants, protocols will be fluid, and finding one policy that encapsulates all possible outcomes of the 2022 season is impossible.  AIA will be monitoring the situation throughout the season and have several scenarios in place should we have to implement different protocols.

As a director we would like to remind you of several options you have for the season, as we understand that each unit will need to make the best decision possible for their students.

  • A reminder that the minimum timing requirements for shows has been eliminated for the 2022 season for all guard, percussion, and winds groups.  Minimum equipment time has also been eliminated as well for guards.  Consider reducing your show length if you are worried about getting everything done, closures, space, etc.
  • If your school closes due to COVID we will follow the same policy as snow days and require a letter from the principal which will excuse you from competition without penalty.
  • Consider the option of showing up, performing, and leaving if you would like to minimize risk.  If your unit places during an event that you left early, awards will be available for pick up at the next event.
  • Please make sure your team has policies in place that prohibit students from attending if they are sick.
  • If you feel that you would like to withdraw your unit from competition, please make sure you do so by the close of that event’s registration to avoid any penalties and allow other units to attend if there is a waitlist.

If you are interested in a deeper look into scenarios and what AIA will be doing in preparation for events based on event partner protocols, please see below.  As always, the safety of the performers is our top priority.  We look forward to getting back to what we love and seeing your wonderful students perform this season!  

AIA will be monitoring the COVID situation throughout the season and ask that groups prepare for any combination of the scenarios below:

  • Groups should be prepared to wear masks in the facility if a mandate is in place.
  • Groups should be prepared to wear masks during warm-ups and performances should the mask mandate include “during competition.”
  • Winds groups should be prepared with bell covers if the facility requires them.
  • If capacity restrictions for the venue are in place, the show may divide into blocks of performances by time and different ticketing procedures implemented to control crowd capacity.
  • If capacity restrictions for the venue are in place, groups may have designated times to arrive, unload, go into warm-up, perform, and then leave the building. 
  • If capacity restrictions for the venue are in place, groups may be asked not enter the gym before or after their performances.
  • If extra time is required between performances, the overall format of the show may change.

Four weeks prior to an event, the event partners will decide and provide to the Contest Administrator for their region, the following information so the schedule can be prepared to allow for additional time as necessary:

  • Facility mask mandates.
  • If audience capacity limits are required based on their local procedures. 

Two weeks prior to an event, the event partner will provide any updated COVID protocols to their region’s Contest Administrator.  The Contest Administrator will post the protocols on the event page in the area marked COVID Guidelines.

As a measure of mitigating risk at all events, the following protocols are in place:

  • AIA staff and judges will either be vaccinated or provide proof of a negative COVID test the Friday before each event.
  • All individuals are welcome to wear a mask at any time, regardless of the mandates of the facility.
  • Social distancing is encouraged as much as possible.
  • Masks are required for anyone attending critiques.
  • Anyone who does not feel well is asked not to attend the event.
  • The event host is being asked to clean high-traffic areas frequently throughout the event.