EC Glass HS

EC Glass High School

2111 Memorial Avenue
Lynchburg, VA  24501
Contact: Russ Pawlas
Phone: 434-221-4496
Map & Directions

Schedule of Events – Percussion/Guard

To see entries, please go to and click on “event registration” in the left hand column. Click on the number to the right of “registered” to see who is registered.
Schedules are available two Fridays prior to the actual event.



Guard Judges Percussion Judges
EC Glass High School
EQ Christine Pawlas – VA MUS Jeff Brooks
MV Reiko Casteen – VA MGE Daniel Valadie
DA Doug Casteen – VA VIS Katrina Chaney
GE Joshua Potter VGE Scott HInds
GE Open
TP Jim Paxton – VA
Ticket Information

$10.00 at the door
MasterCard and VISA accepted
Personal Checks accepted made out to EC Glass Band
Booster or School Checks accepted made out to EC Glass Band

Click here for Venue Specifications

Photos of Venue            Gym Flow for Guard and Percussion            Outside Map