Show Registration Directions

Register for an Event

  1. Log into your CompetitionSuite Account
  2. Click Event Registration under the group you’d like to register
    Note: If you don’t have Event Registration listed, you are not an administrator for the group. You’ll need to have an administrator register for the group.
  3. Click Register next to the events you’d like to register. If the event is full, you can join the Waitlist.
  4. If your organization is charging an event fee, you’ll be asked to provide a credit card number.


Cancel Registration

If you decide to cancel your registration, you can click Cancel Registration next to the appropriate event.

Note: canceling your registration does not refund any event fees. You will need to contact AIA for any fees to be refunded if applicable.

How does the “Waitlist” work?

The “Waitlist” allows groups to register for an event that is full. CompetitionSuite keeps track of the order in which groups register for an event. If a group decides to cancel their registration, they will lose their spot in the list and the first Waitlisted group will be promoted to be in the event. The process will repeat itself anytime a group cancels.