Combined Schools


WGI recently changed their policy for those schools combining members from multiple schools within a school district.  As a WGI circuit partner we follow all WGI policies and will be reviewing each combined program on a case-by-case basis.  If your scholastic program combines students from multiple schools, please read the information below and then follow the link to the application so we can review your situation.  

All participants of any group competing in any scholastic class must have approval for participation in any AIA-sanctioned event by the administration of the sponsoring school(s). 

Scholastic groups are defined as follows:

Single School:

A group whose total membership are students from the same school, schools that directly feed into that school, or home-schooled students that reside within the school district boundaries. (You DO NOT need to fill out this application if you are a single school unit)

Combined School:

The purpose of this combined school policy is to encourage participation from scholastic groups that may have limited resources while keeping the integrity of the scholastic classes intact.  Combining schools for the purpose of competitive advantage is contrary to this policy and will not be approved.

A group in any scholastic class may apply for approval to combine students from multiple schools within a school district under the following guidelines:

  • Multiple groups within a school district may be approved to combine on a case-by-case review by AIA.  In very rare cases, schools from different districts may combine if approved by AIA.
  • If approved, combined school groups may be required to compete using the school district name.
  • Scholastic groups utilizing students from parochial, vocational, or charter schools, must apply for approval under combined school guidelines.
  • The group shall submit the Combined Schools Participating Group Master Agreement signed by the district superintendent and file with the WGI office.
  • Groups applying to combine students from multiple schools within a school district must apply for approval by January 1st, 2023.
  • All combined schools previously approved as of the 2020 season do not need to re-apply to compete as a combined school (unless they have had changes to their circumstances ex: added new schools or other changes).
  • AIA & WGI will have the final determination on whether a group will be permitted to combine students from multiple schools.


If your application is accepted, a letter from the principals of the participating schools approving the combined program will be required by January 1st, 2023.