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Code of Conduct & Reporting Resources:

The Atlantic Indoor Association would like to take a moment to remind the AIA community of our reporting resources and processes that are in place and where units, staff, and members can inform AIA and/or WGI of any breach of the code of conduct.

As an Official Circuit Partner of WGI, AIA and all AIA member units must comply with all WGI policies and guidelines, including the WGI Code of Conduct.

Situations that arise involving performing members or staff of any participating unit in which questionable or improper behavior has been exhibited in such a way as to offend, threaten or violate another member or unit will be reviewed immediately by the Governance Board, and appropriate action will be taken.

Section 6.2 in the AIA Regulations states: (http://atlanticindoor.org/governing-documents/)
6.2 Conduct of a member unit, its staff and personnel must be above reproach at all times. Violation of the same will result in review and investigation by the EBOD. Consequences for violation of this section may range from written reprimand to suspension from a given contest to suspension of the unit from AIA, without monetary reparations. In all cases, the unit’s administration will be notified of the action. Repeat violators will be referred to the EBOD for action.

Units questioning the conduct of another member unit, director, or marching member must submit observations in writing to the Governance Board at which time an investigation will determine that a violation actually took place, and the Board will decide the extent of discipline necessary. Units/individuals in question will receive copies of complaints and have the opportunity to defend themselves to the board prior to any action.

The Atlantic Indoor Association currently has a place on our website (http://atlanticindoor.org/code-of-conduct/) where members, directors, judges, and staff can go to review the code of conduct and to report to the North or South President, or to WGI directly. This report can be anonymous if so desired. Members can decide to email the North and/or South President, or go through the linked WGI reporting system. Units that are not affiliated with WGI can also use the WGI reporting system, if so desired, because we are a WGI Circuit Partner. WGI would then be acting as an intermediary to the person making the report.

AIA would also like to remind our membership that policies like the above mentioned are reviewed and discussed at our June Caucus Meetings, as well as voted upon at our Annual Meeting in September. The Atlantic Indoor Association takes the safety of our students, members, units, staff, and volunteers as our highest priority and want to make sure that we provide a safe environment and resources for where they can report any inappropriate behavior.

Thank you,

Carly Philp, AIA North President
Les Simms, AIA South President




WGI recently changed their policy for those schools combining members from multiple schools within a school district.  As a WGI circuit partner we follow all WGI policies and will be reviewing each combined program on a case-by-case basis.  If your scholastic program combines students from multiple schools, please read the information below and then follow the link to the application so we can review your situation.  

All participants of any group competing in any scholastic class must have approval for participation in any AIA-sanctioned event by the administration of the sponsoring school(s). Scholastic groups are defined as follows:

Single School:

A group whose total membership are students from the same school, schools that directly feed into that school, or home-schooled students that reside within the school district boundaries. (You DO NOT need to fill out this application if you are a single school unit)

Combined School:

A group in any scholastic class may apply for approval to combine students from multiple schools within a school district under the following guidelines:

• Groups combining students from multiple schools within a school district may not have another group in the same division (Color Guard, Percussion, or Winds) participating locally with AIA unless there are extenuating circumstances.

• School districts with multiple competitive field marching band programs within the district will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for approval to combine students from multiple schools.

• If approved, all combined groups must compete using the school district name only.

• Scholastic groups utilizing students from parochial, vocational, or charter schools, must apply for approval under combined school guidelines.

AIA & WGI will have the final determination on whether a group will be permitted to combine students from multiple schools.


If your application is accepted, a letter from the principals of the participating schools approving the combined program will be required by January 1st, 2022.

Application Link: