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AIA Critique Webinar (click for link)

Design Webinar with Rick Subel (click for link)

Percussion Webinar with Tim Fairbanks & Andrew Markworth (click for link)

Colorguard Panel Discussion: Show Design (click for link)

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* 2023 Colorguard Classification Promotions:

Congratulations to the staff and performers on an outstanding 2023 season in AIA. The promotion policy consists of a review process in order to determine which groups are indeed ready to move to the next class at the end of the season based upon assessment of the group compared to class paradigms. This was done to ensure groups do not get moved prematurely to a higher class that they couldn’t be successful in. Based upon viewings of the groups throughout the season and their achievement in their current classification, AIA is recommending promotion to the next classification for the 2024 season.

Congratulations to the following groups on your successful promotion to the next level of competition!

AIA South:

  • SRA2 to SRA1:  Millbrook HS (NC)
  • SRA1 to A3:  West Craven HS
  • A3 to A2:  Ronald Reagan HS
  • A2 to A1:  Northwest Guilford HS 

AIA North:

  • SRA2 to SRA1:  Deep Run HS, Perquimans HS
  • SRA1 to A3:  Hayfield HS, George C Marshall HS
  • A3 to A2:  Lightridge HS, Ocean Lakes HS
  • A2 to A1:  McLean HS

Promotion recommendations were based on the following criteria by the Chief Judge and various judges on the promotion committee who viewed these groups throughout the course of the season and championships:

  1. Performance / Scoring at Championships
  2. Performance / Scoring throughout the competitive season
  3. Readiness level demonstrated by performers and staff compared to criteria reference / class paradigms.

Promotion Rule for 2023 Season 

3.2.1 All color guard units who win their respective class at AIA Championships will automatically be promoted to the next higher class for the next competitive indoor season. These classes will include Scholastic Regional A2, Scholastic Regional A1, Scholastic A3, and Scholastic A2. All remaining finalists from these classes will be reviewed by the AIA Chief Judges and they will determine which groups, if any, are deserving of being promoted for the next competitive season. The director(s) of any group that is to be promoted shall be notified directly no later than May 31st of that same year. Upon this notification, each director shall also receive a letter or outline explaining the qualifications for the promotion. If the director feels the promotion is truly unwarranted for valid and supported reasons, they may appeal with a declaration stating all reasons a promotion is not warranted. This appeal must be submitted by no later than July 1st. The AIA Chief Judges will then have 30 days to review the appeal and respond accordingly.


* Caucus Proposal Form & Date:

AIA Caucus Meeting (virtual): Sunday, June 25th at 1:00pm

AIA Caucus Proposal Form: https://forms.gle/N7G88MgiUgVuMdpP6

Prior to making a proposal, please take time to read through the following two documents:

*AIA Bylaws (http://atlanticindoor.org/…/AIA-Bylaws-for-2023-Season.pdf)

*AIA Regulations (http://atlanticindoor.org/…/AIA-Regulations-for-the…)

The caucus proposal form is used to write up and submit proposals for rule/regulation or bylaw change requests for the 2024 season. Proposals must be received no later than 11:59pm on June 11th, 2023. To be considered, all proposals must be presented by the person submitting the proposal at our virtual caucus meeting on June 25th, 2023.


* 2024 Event Partner Applications:

Applications for North & South Event Partners for the 2024 season are now open.  Please make sure you are taking the time to submit complete applications with pictures and correct information, as incomplete applications may not be considered.  Please see information below from our Contest Host Manual about the selection process.

The following considerations are reviewed when the North & South EBOD’s are selecting their respective event partners:

  • Completeness of the event partner application.
  • Timestamp in the event that a parameter is needed to determine a host location.
  • Quality and location of contest site. Site specifications should be able to accommodate guard, percussion, and winds units at their facility.
  • Ensure the event partner can provide enough volunteers to adequately run a successful contest.
  • Review of the previous indoor season’s event feedback questionnaires to take the AIA community input into consideration.
  • Input from the Judge Coordinators.
  • Needs of the performing community.
  • Evenly distributed locality to accommodate various regions of our competing units.


Health & Safety Updates (click for link)