AIA North Championships

Hampton Roads Coliseum – March 28 & 29, 2020

1000 Coliseum Drive, Hampton, VA.  23666

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Schedule of Events 

To see entries, please go to and click on “event registration” in the left hand column. Click on the number to the right of “registered” to see who is registered.
Schedules are available two Fridays prior to the actual event.




Guard Judges Percussion/Winds Judges
EQ Elisa Lessard MUS Nate Lavy
EQ Michael Vazquez MUS Mike Lane
MV Tom Hillenbrand EM Adam Weincken
MV Bethany Hajny EM Daniel Valadie
DA Kaleena Thompson VIS Brandon Cochenour
DA Stephen Alia VIS Zack Turner
GE David Richards EV Greg Hamilton
GE Dave Priester EV Scott Hinds
GE Patrick Leombrone TP Bob Daffron
GE Bob Thomas TP Trish Lese
TP Jim Beard    
TP Jim Paxton    
Ticket Information

Single Day Ticket Price:     $25 (adult 13+)     $15 (child age 6-12)     Free (child under 5)  
Payment Accepted:  Cash or Credit Card at the box office OR click the date below to be taken to the Ticketmaster purchase page

March 28, 2020 Ticket Link                                                                             March 29, 2020 Ticket Link


AIA North is excited to partner with Grassfield High School for our 2020 Championships at the Hampton Coliseum.  If you have already signed up on the sign up genius, please remain on the sign up!!  If you haven’t signed up but would like to, please do.  All volunteers will be admitted free the day they sign up to volunteer.  Thank you for your support and we wish to thank Grassfield High School for partnering with us to bring an excellent 2020 Championship experience to everyone!!

Colorguard Volunteer Sign Up Genius                                             Percussion Volunteer Sign Up Genius 

Unit Information

All maps and flows are in one attachment.  Venue information provided in the Champs Information link.

Champs Information 

Colorguard Information                                                   Percussion/Winds Information

Venue Security

Coliseum General Guidelines:

Alcohol is prohibited at the AIA event.
• Laser pointers are prohibited.
• Selfie sticks are prohibited.
• Smoking is prohibited at Hampton Coliseum. “Smoking” means (1) lighting or burning any type of tobacco, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, and pipes (2) lighting or burning of non-tobacco plants, incense, spice (or spice like product), or marijuana; and (3) using electronic cigarettes.
• All patrons are subject to search prior to entry.
• No illegal weapons allowed.
• No outside food, beverages, coolers, or bottles allowed.
• Non-professional cameras are permitted for most performances (palm-size or smaller, no detachable lenses). No audio or video recording is permitted for any performance unless otherwise specified. Please refer to event page for event-specific camera policy
Emergency Evacuation Procedures
Hampton Coliseum personnel have been trained in emergency evacuation procedures to ensure the safe evacuation of all patrons, including those guests with disabilities and special needs. Please pay careful attention to personnel instructions during an evacuation.
Service Animals/Guide Dogs
Service animals are welcome in Hampton Coliseum and will rest in the seating area of the individual with a disability, rather than in the aisle. Your tickets will be in the wheelchair accessible seating location so there is room for your service animal. We suggest that the individual have proof of certification or a license for the service animal.

Unit Directors and Staff:

Will be responsible for ensuring your performers do not bring prohibited items into the coliseum, and it is imperative you monitor your performers throughout the event.  The Coliseum is a big facility and it is very important to keep your unit together to ensure the safety of your performers.    

Fundraiser/Vendor Information

Member unit fundraising efforts are approved free of charge at the coliseum.  Minimally priced novelty items are permitted for sale in fundraising efforts; however, no food items are permitted for sale. Please complete the form at the link below and submit it to no later than February 29, 2020.

Fundraiser Table Request Form

Commercial vendors must contact AIA via the email above.  Cost for commercial vendors is $500 per day.  Vendors must have and must provide a comprehensive liability insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000.  Vendor is also responsible for reporting all sales tax due to the proper taxing authority.

Commercial Vendor Request Form

Area Information

Hotel Room Flyer

Emergency Info


Seeding Information

2020 AIA North Color Guard Seeding Procedure

As we have a single run for Championships, units from large classes will be seeded into performance order based on their most recent score. The format will be as follows:

Performance order at championships for color guard units in AIA North for 2020 will be determined by the following methods:
  1. Classes with fewer than nine units following the end of the promotion period will perform in random order.
  2. Classes with nine or more units following the end of the promotion period will be seeded by the seeding formula.
  3. Seeding formula: The unit’s final AIA performance score will be normalized to the final competition weekend’s score. Units competing in the final contest weekend will use that score. If using a score in March, 1.5 points will be added per weekend to reach the final contest date. If using a score in February, 2 points will be added per weekend to reach the final competition date.
  4. After the units are given a seeding score, the class will be divided into thirds. Each third of the class will be randomized for performance order.  
  5. A draft schedule with unit time slots will be circulated following the end of the promotion period. For the 2020 season, that will follow the March 7 competition.
  6. The final schedule with actual performance times will be circulated following the end of the regular season competitions. For 2020, that will follow the March 21 competition.
  7. Units that are promoted and do not receive a score in their new class will be inserted into the middle third of randomization.