Circuit Championships

To compete at Circuit Championships must be an AIA Member in good standing, have no outstanding balances, have particpated in at least shows during the current season, and have participated at one show before the participation deadline (coming out day).


A description of each class is located on our Color Guard page and provides an easy to read description for each class (link to color guard classification). For additional questions about Color Guard classification please email your regional Colorguard Coordinator.

AIA offers WGI classes in addition to several circuit sub-captions designed to provide a supportive yet competitive experience for units at the local circuit level. Unit directors will select the classification for your unit during the registration process each season. You may change your classification until your first contest after which time unit classification change will be govered by the current rules, regulations and promotion/reclassification policies applicable to your class.

General Membership

To register and compete as an AIA member, please begin by visiting our webpage: www.atlanticindoor.org

On the right hand side of the member bar, click the “member access” button. Once you click that look for the REGISTER button and input your information there. This will give you access to the webpage. Once approved, you will then see each option of membership, depending on how many units you are registering for. After selecting that option, you will need to select whether you will pay by credit card at the time of registration or pay by check within one month. Once that is paid, your group will be active. Individual show registration will begin on December 1 at 6pm through the same website. Each show has entry fees.

No, you do not have to be a member to compete at an AIA contest. However, being an AIA member provides access to educational resources and clinics, preferred timestamps for AIA Contest, access to the circuit directory and provides eligibility to participate in Circuit Championships. Non-members will pay the event registration fee noted in the fees schedule, currently $125 per contest.

Please note, only AIA Members are elligible to compete at AIA Circuit Championships.

Payment must be received prior to the closing date of a contest or event, typically four weeks prior. You may pay via Credit Card online or mail your payment by check. Members should login to your account for your current invoice and payment information.

Units that have not paid when a contest or event closes will not be included on the schedule.

Additional questions regarding registration or billing can be emailed to registration@atlanticindoor.org.


The AIA website is intended to primarily serve the AIA membership and participants as an information resource. Publicly available content is intended for educational purposes and offered to everyone. Permission is required to re post or copy information from our website by emailing web@atlanticindoor.org.

AIA Members should register for the AIA website and will provided access to members only content, contest information and online registration and billing. Accounts require approval by the web team and may take several days to be processed in full.

The website login function is used to provide members only access. Unit directors, booster representatives, instructors and directors should create an account for restricted access. An account is not needed for general website access and publicly available information.

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