Greetings from the Percussion Coordinators for the Atlantic Indoor Association.  Our role is to serve as liaison between member units and the Executive Board for the circuit.  Anyone who has questions or concerns regarding percussion in the circuit is welcome to email us at any time and if we cannot help, we will make sure your message gets redirected to someone who can. You can feel free to contact either one of us at any time, but for faster response contact your regional percussion coordinator.  We are also charged with furthering the development of the percussion side of the circuit, so if you have questions about procedures, best practices, etc. please feel free to ask.  We’ve also included a few links to resources that might be useful to you.

WGI Rulebooks can be found under RESOURCES in COMPETITION SUITE.

WGI copyright requirements

Some video resources for everything from show design, to amplification, l-downloads/

Percussion Training –

(panels may change due to illness or weather conditions)

Educational Articles for Percussion Units  (click link and download)

The PSRA Class Reclassification Classification
Quality of Sound The Numbers Dilema Choosing and Tailoring a Stock Show